Matt Miller: The NRA Doesn’t Care About Police or Kids in Schools, They Care About One Thing - Selling More Guns

‘They want to put more money in the pockets of gun manufacturers and they don’t care about the safety of kids in schools’


MILLER: "And without Democratic lawmakers to go after and without a Democratic president to go after, they have to, you know, attack the F.B.I., they have to attack the intelligence community. And I will tell you, having worked inside the Justice Department, the NRA has never been a friend of law enforcement despite all their claims. In 2010 when there was a dramatic increase in officer deaths, officer shootings around the country, we convened kind of a committee, a task force to come up with new proposals to stop officer deaths. The NRA wouldn’t even meet with us. They wouldn’t even sit down to take a meeting to talk about what we ought to do to try to save officers from dying on the streets. This has been their position for a long time. They want to sell more guns. They want to put more money in the pockets of gun manufacturers and they don’t really care about law enforcement or the safety of kids in schools. They care about one thing and that’s selling more guns."

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