Franklin Graham: My Father ‘Is in the Presence of God’

‘He spent his life telling people about Heaven, how to get to Heaven’


KOTB: "Earlier we mentioned the tributes that are pouring in for iconic Evangelist the reverend Billy Graham."
GUTHRIE: "Over six decades he delivered his Christian message to more than 200 million people in 185 countries, including every President since Harry Truman. His eldest son, the reverend Franklin Graham, is with us now. This is his first interview since his father’s passing. And reverend Graham, as we say good morning to you, sir, we just want to send our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your father."
GRAHAM: "You know, thank you so much. I was in Dallas, Texas, yesterday when I got word that my father had passed away. Of course the news came out a few minutes later that Billy Graham had died. I kind of chuckled because my father said years ago, he said when you hear that Billy Graham is dead, don’t you believe it for a second. He said I’ll be more alive than ever before. And he’s in the presence of God. So, we rejoice and we’re thrilled that his suffering is over and that he’s -- he's in God’s presence."

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