Ted Deutch: ‘Political Malpractice’ Not to Support Universal Background Checks

‘We had the worst mass shooting that happened a few hours from here in Orlando’


DEUTCH: "Well, the answer is I don’t know. Remember, we had what was for less than a year the worst mass shooting in America that happened just a few hours from here in Orlando. That didn’t move my colleagues who are so beholden to the gun lobby. This time I have to tell you, it feels different. Not just because it's personal for me, but because of what these kids are projecting around the world. Do they feel moved? Are they compelled to take action, these other legislators, these other members of Congress? I don’t know if they are yet. But if you look at the leadership that's coming from young people, including no doubt high school kids in their district because this is becoming a nationwide movement, if you look at what's happening in there and then they have — look, I’m not saying that elected officials make decisions based on polls, but when 97 percent of the people in America say we should have universal background checks, it is political malpractice not to support that position."

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