Przybyla: These Fla. Kids Are Not Going Away Even if Congress Passes Expanded Background Checks

‘I don’t think these kids are going away’


PRZYBYLA: "I will take a bet here. I don't think they're going away even if Congress acts on this extremely, extremely modest measure that is now going to be hailed as some kind of huge breakthrough on Capitol Hill. No, this is to basically just to make sure that the states are giving correct information to the Feds. It’s doing nothing in our system to update our background check laws. And Joe, to take us back to 1993, 1994 when the Brady Law was passed, the intention of that law was universal background checks. And what’s happened in the interim period is something that we couldn’t have foreseen, the Internet, the gun show loopholes. So we can’t even act to update the original intention of the Brady Law which was to have universal background checks. Now, that would be, you know, progress going forward, but we’re now in such a horrific state in terms of gun violence in this country that you do see these kids now going for the assault weapons ban, going for something that just a few years ago was considered completely nonstarter on Capitol Hill."

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