Fla. Student: If Pols Accepts NRA ‘Blood Money,’ They’re ‘Against the Children,’ ‘Funding the Killers’

‘Gun control is just the first thing right now’


CAMEROTA: "I don’t have to tell you guys that they give millions of dollars to politicians. They have a very powerful tool. So how do you expect politicians who need money to keep running for office to say no to the NRA?"
GONZALEZ: "Because we keep telling them that if they accept this blood money they are against the children. They are against the people who are dying. And that is — there’s no other way to put it at this point. You’re either funding the killers or you’re standing with the children, the children who have no money. We don’t have jobs. So we can’t pay for your campaign. We hope you would have the decent morality to support us at this point."

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