Ted Deutch: Assault Rifles Are Made for No Purpose Other than Maximum Killing

‘Do you support universal background checks, yes or no?’

DEUTCH: "I — I do, I do. And — and Carlos and I have worked well together, but the — the — I — I have to represent my constituents who want Carlos and — and others in the House and Senate to — to just be clear about this. Do you support universal background checks, yes or no? Do you support the terror watch list bill that says if you’re too dangerous to fly, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun? And do you support what had been the law until 2004 which was a ban on assault rifles that are made for no purpose other than maximum killing. It’s not my — all I’ve heard all week is how frustrated people are with rhetoric, they want action that — there are bills that we can pass tomorrow, but the things we need to do are the ones I just outlined. And I — and — and — "

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