Chris Coons: Trump-Russia Collusion Hasn’t Yet Been Proven But It’s Getting Closer

‘I will remind you, Nancy, there was that famous June 9 meeting in Trump Tower’

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CORDES: Joining us now is Delaware Democrat Chris Coons. He sits on the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees.

Senator Coons, thanks so much for being with us.

What is your biggest take away from these new indictments by Robert Mueller? The president says this shows, point blank, no collusion.

SEN. CHRIS COONS (D), DELAWARE: The president says that.

And a lot of other folks, law enforcement leaders and observers, say it neither proves nor disproves collusion.

It shows the strength and the organization of the Russian campaign to interfere in 2016. It does show that three different Trump campaign officials were contacted by Russians, but they didn’t realize they were Russians.

But I will remind you, Nancy, there was that famous June 9 meeting in Trump Tower, where Donald Trump Jr. and several other senior campaign officials welcomed with open arms Russians who claimed they had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

That hasn’t yet been proven, that there might have been collusion, but I think it’s getting closer.

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