Dagen McDowell Blasts Joy Behar: ‘Shameful and Appalling’ She’d ‘Belittle’ Faith That Way

‘This isn’t just an attack on Christians’

Dagen Mcdowell Blasts Joy Behar: ‘Shameful and Appalling’ She’d ‘Belittle’ Faith That Way (Mediaite)

The View co-host Joy Behar delivered something of a non-apology apology yesterday after comments she made about Vice PresidentMike Pence, in which she alleged he was mentally ill because Jesus talks to him, went viral, saying “I don’t mean to offend people, but apparently I keep doing it.”

Outnumbered took on Behar’s half-hearted apology this afternoon — getting into something of a shouting match as they discussed whether or not Behar’s original comments could be conceived as a joke.

“This isn’t just an attack on Christians,” Kennedy said.

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