Dan Linskey on Parkland Shooter: ‘This Ability to Own Firearms Should Have Been Taken Away’

‘They should have gotten him into program’


LINSKEY: "The expulsion is a process and procedure, it's not a solution to the problem. It might have actually exacerbated the problem. In Boston we would identify an individual like that that would come on our radar screens, school and police officials, clergy, community members, public health, whatever services we needed to would go out and visit the kid in his home, talk to his family, his guardians, find out what the situation was around him and see if we need to get him invested in either counseling, medical doctors, medicine, housing, whatever the issues were,. Or if he is doing things that are criminal, in this case this individual was mutilating and torturing animals, that’s the first sign of individuals who engage in this type of behavior. We saw it in Texas as well. They should have taken criminal actions against him, gotten him into the court system, got a probation program on him, start monitoring him. And those guns should have been taken away from him. His ability to own firearms should have been taken right away."

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