Adrienne Elrod: If Congress and Trump Fail on Gun Control You’ll See Some Real Change in November

‘The real action will be in the voting booth in November’


ELROD: "Look, parents should not have to worry every time they send their child to school. I think Megyn Kelly might have said it yesterday where she said parents are essentially playing Russian roulette every day they send their children to school and that’s just a terrible place for our country to be in right now. So again, you know, Bill, we have gone through this so many times where we see a mass shooting. Everybody says, you know, thoughts and prayers to the families and then two days later we move on to something else. Enough is enough. I think the real action will be in the voting booth in November. If Congress fails to do anything, if the President truly fails to do anything on this issue, I think you’ll see some real change in November."

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