Panetta Doesn’t Want To Choose Between Biden and Hillary, but Edges Toward Hillary

‘I think Hillary Clinton ... is somebody that I think could be a very strong president’

MITCHELL: "You worked with both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden over the years. Who is better qualified to be the democratic nominee for president?"
PANETTA: "Well, I have worked with both of them and they are both good people."
MITCHELL: "Who would be a better Commander-in-Chief?"
PANETTA: "Well, you know, it's tough for me to kind of say, you know, that Joe Biden couldn't do that job because, frankly, Joe Biden has a lot of experience, particularly as vice-president. Hillary Clinton I know can do the job because she's somebody who has got experience, she's got the toughness, a mind and commitment to this country that I think is important. So, you know, they both could do the job as president. I think Hillary Clinton because she's out there is somebody that I think could be a very strong president."

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