Broward County Sheriff on Guns: ‘People Will Be Rightfully Concerned About Their Rights, What About the Rights of Students?’

‘What about the rights of young kids who go to schools with book bags and pencils?’

ISRAEL: "What I am asking our lawmakers to do, go back to places like Tallahassee, places like Washington, D.C., and give police the power if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood, and gore, and guns, and bombs, if they see something, horrific language, if they see a person talking about I want to grow up to be a serial killer, we need to have the power to take that person and bring them before mental health professionals at that particular time, involuntarily, and have them examined. People will be rightfully so concerned about their rights, as am I. What about the rights of the students? What about the rights of young kids who go to schools with book bags and pencils? Don't they have the right to be protected by the United States government, to the best of our ability. That's what we'll be doing."

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