McConnell: Dems ‘Can’t Take Yes for an Answer’ on DACA

‘Instead of moving to fulfill their promises and address the DACA issue, they haven’t even allowed the debate to begin’

MCCONNELL: "Because they know no matter how long they spend in closed-door negotiations, they can’t change the fact that the president has spelled out a fair and generous framework that will be necessary to earn his signature. These guys can’t take yes for an answer. So instead of moving to fulfill their promises and address the DACA issue, they haven’t even allowed the debate to begin. The widespread desire in this chamber to find a resolution for the illegal immigrants who were brought to this country as children, widespread agreement on that. But common sense dictates we cannot simply treat one symptom of our broken immigration policy in complete isolation. We must address the underlying problems as well. That means fixing broken parts of our legal immigration system. We must also ensure the safety of the American people. That’s why DACA resolution should be paired with new security measures at our borders and common sense steps to improve security inside our borders. Steps like fixing the loophole that forces us to release thousands of criminal aliens whose home countries won’t take them back. Steps like enacting Kate’s law to put criminal offenders who repeatedly and illegally cross our borders behind bars. Cracking down with stiffer penalties for human trafficking and updating the removeability grounds for drug traffickers, repeat drunk drivers, sex offenders and other violent offenders."

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