Kennedy on CNN Kim Yo-jong Fawning: They Forgot the Silent Cries of Warmbier

‘Rooting against our president is never reason to appease and normalize Kim Jong-un’

KENNEDY: "U.S. Snowboarders have been crushing it at the Winter Olympics. If delusion were an Olympic sport, CNN and the Washington Post would have platinum medals over their fawning over Kim Yo-jong. The stateside news outlet conveniently forget the silent cries Otto Warmbier and millions of North Koreans who were bludgeoned, beaten, and starved. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to photograph wrong a political foe. Anything he says, does or stands for must be undone in order to prove she is rightly their dear leader. This includes North Korea. The president has take and harder line on the hermit kingdom than his predecessors. They force North Koreans into labor camps and early graves. It remains to be seen if taunts and childish insults bring about denuclearization. But there is still talks of diplomacy and that’s surprisingly good news. I would say the same thing about him propagandizing as I would about drum beats and war mongering. Rooting against our president is no reason to appease Kim Jong-un. It’s not necessary to prop him up for a chance to verbally assassinate our president to settle a score. Glad you are here. It will be fun. I’m “Kennedy.”

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