Sellers on Stormy Daniels: Trump Lawyer Did a Horrible Job Money Laundering

‘I don’t know how I’d react if my client asked me to do that’

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SELLERS: "There are a few things. I don’t know how I’d react if my client asked me to do that. But two things people need to pay attention to. The New York Bar Association will have something to say about this and I anticipate a complaint filed against Michael Cohen first thing in the morning because as an attorney you can’t pay the bonds, you can’t pay the fines, you can’t pay the settlements out of your own pocket of your clients. That’s improper. I do anticipate that happening. Second, there is a question about laundering. Where did the money come from from? Why was the money paid? How was it paid? When was it paid? There are questions he has to answer. He went from being a solid attorney into the realm of criminality. Not only are there ethics issue which I anticipate is starting tomorrow morning with the New York Bar Association but also the criminal issues to deal with. From what it looks like from the outside without knowing all the details, this was a horrible job of money laundering that he was attempting to do."

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