Don Jr. in Mock W.H. Valentine’s Cards Prepared by Kimmel Show: I’ll Be Thinking About You in Prison

‘Here are some of the cards they’re offering’

KIMMEL: "This is interesting, White House is releasing their own line of cards this year have you heard about this? That's because we made it up of funny, we're at the point anything is believable. Here are some of the cards they're offering. It's best seller comes from President Trump. Says I flip for you. I'm never letting that one go. Got press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Steven Miller. I want to have your children deported. He said it, guys. He's the one. He's on the White House website. All right. Donald Trump Jr. I'll be thinking of you in prison. His brother. I love you like daddy loves Jared. Jared has a card that says you make my cold dead stare come alive. Melania has a good card, whatever Michelle Obama said last  Valentine's day. Here's the speaker of the house Paul Ryan your lips are sweeter than the president's ass. Mitch McConnell I'm gonna move on you like a Mitch. And finally trump Valentine good old Vladimir Putin can I inject you into my olympic team because you are dope. That's sweet. So print those out and throw them away."

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