Schmidt: Kelly Was Clearly Lying About What and When He Knew About Porter

‘But for sure, John Kelly’s story does not add up here’


SCHMIDT: "Well, I mean one of the things that we’ve seen across the government is that official after official has taken their previous positions and completely flip-flopped in service to the president. I mean, what we do know with regard to Russia, the attacks, the domestic violence, the notion that general Kelly would be a stabilizing force, that he would get this West Wing under control turns out not to be the case. Probably the case because the president is in fact in his unfitness completely uncontrollable. But for sure, John Kelly’s story does not add up here. I think he is clearly lying to the American people about what he knew and when he knew it about a credibly accused wife beater who had access to the nation’s most closely guarded secrets and was imminently blackmailable."

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