Sean Hannity and Piers Morgan Come Together To Blast Obama on ISIS, Clash over Guns

Piers also called his former employer, CNN, “quite schizophrenic”

Hannity, Piers Morgan Come Together to Pile on Obama, Clash over Guns (Mediaite)

Sean Hannity and Piers Morgan in the same room.

C’mon, you know you want to see this.

The ex-CNN host sat down with Hannity for a surprisingly genial discussion. They found themselves in great agreement on the question ofPresident Obama‘s foreign policy. Morgan said Obama has been a “big disappointment” all over the place, and for him to throw the intel community under the bus was a sign that he is “lead[ing] from behind.” And he’s also upset that Obama can go out and condemn violence and then be seen “goofing around” on the golf course.

Hannity brought up CNN’s ratings woes, and Morgan said that when there’s no breaking news happening, CNN falters. He called his former home “quite schizophrenic” and even credited Fox for how well they do.

And yes, they fought a bit over guns.

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