Chris Matthews: Why Wouldn’t You Investigate Carter Page?

‘The Trump campaign seemed to have a Russian-ophelia’

MATTHEWS: "It seems to me that from the beginning of this, and I've said it, there is so many Russian involvement piece of this. The Trump campaign seemed to have a Russian-ophelia, a love of it. So many people involved from manafort to Roger page, they're all involved. And he seemed to be pushing it with his son-in-law and his son. And they're all meeting regularly. And the senator then from Alabama, sessions, was meeting with kislyak, and they're all meeting. And now they're saying there is no reason for the FBI saying all this spookiness, all this stuff going on with the Russians to be investigating it. It just drives me crazy. How can you say that wasn't worthy of investigation at an absolute time the Russians are trying to screw with our elections. One of the candidates people are all over the place in this sort of man-to-man defense, or whatever you want to call it, connection with the Russian. Why wouldn't you investigate this guy Carter Page? Just dying to be investigated, I think. Malcolm?"

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