Schumer Trashes Trump Infrastructure Plan for Using Private Sector Money

‘The Trump infrastructure plan is like a Hollywood facade’


SCHUMER: "Instead of proposing direct federal investments to help all parts of the country, the Trump infrastructure plan relies on private parties or state and localities to put up the lion’s share of the money. In turn, those entities would either have to charge local taxpayers new tolls or raise taxes and other fees to pay for the new infrastructure. So a word that describes so much of the President’s bill, probably about 80 percent of it, is 'Trump tolls.' The trump infrastructure plan is like a Hollywood facade. It may look real from afar, but in truth it’s a flat mirage. The Trump plan has the skin of an infrastructure plan, but it lacks the guts. The lack of direct investment would leave out large parts of America, particularly rural America where local governments don’t have the money or the traffic to attract private sector investment.”

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