Mark Preston: Mike Pence Is ‘Right Out of Central Casting’

‘He’s very careful about what he says’


PRESTON: "No. I mean, look as you said he is very smart. He’s right out of central casting for a president. As you said, he thinks before he speaks. He’s very careful about what he says. And even as we have seen very loyal to the president, in this case he doesn’t necessarily need to be loyal to the president because talking about a third party right now that the president has decided to defend. Now, vice president pence has come under a lot of criticism for his defense of Donald Trump. But it’s been about the defense of Donald Trump not about folks that Donald Trump is defending. But also if you go back to what he said, vice president pence really did distance himself, didn’t he, when he said they the White House, even acknowledged they didn’t handle it correctly. Meaning I had nothing to do with it."

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