Brendan Boyle: GOP Spending Deal, Tax Cuts Will Spike Inflation and Interest Rates

‘...and the markets already know it’


BOYLE: "There was a disagreement, though, in terms of tactics. There is a real challenge being in the minority and being in a deep minority where the other side has 47 more votes. So that’s where the disagreement came in. If we were in charge, though, you wouldn’t see a sort of divide in the vote and in fact, I think you would see 100 percent unanimous vote on the things I just talked about, DACA as well as attempting to restore some fiscal sanity. There’s one other point I want to make about this and you’ve been alluding to it all morning. Republicans deeply care about the deficit when there’s a Democrat in the White House. But then when there’s a Republican in the White House, they couldn’t care less. When you take the tax cut two months ago, combined with this increase in spending, this is a $2 trillion plan that is coming in the eighth year of an economic expansion. This will spike inflation, this will spike interest rates and the markets already know it."

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