Colbert and John Oliver Ask Trump to Do the Mueller Interview

‘And I, too, think you should do it’

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COLBERT: "Trump versus Mueller, let’s talk about that for a second. Trump says, “Oh, yeah, I definitely want to talk to Mueller.”
OLIVER: "Sure he does. Actually, I don’t doubt— I don’t doubt that he wants to talk. But he is going to have to physically get through his lawyers first. If he talks— he’s going to have to eat his way through their hands over his mouth because they will tackle him to the floor before he opens his mouth in front of him. He would perjure himself before he finished his name."
COLBERT: "No, I think he would do a good job, and I think he should do it."
OLIVER: "If— if— if I can just co-sign on that. I know— I know I joke around a lot, Mr. President. But I also think you would do an excellent job.  And I, too, think you should do it."

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