Ed Henry: Page and Strzok Were Texting About Obama Wanting to Know About Russian Interference

‘We text on that phone when we talk about Hillary so it can’t be traced’

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HENRY: "Breaking tonight, the “Wall Street Journal” saying what they were texting about was then President Barack Obama late in 2016 wanting to know about Russian interference in the election and not about the Clinton email probe and that's still up for debate. I can tell you I spoke to several senior Democrats today who say that what’s worrying them is that it’s getting harder and harder for the Democratic Party to push back and say this is not a major story when you have both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama drawn in to it. The bottom line is this is coming from Republican Senator Ron Johnson who now will be digging for more text messages beyond the ones he has gotten from the official FBI work phone of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page since one of the new text exchanges shows they also appear to have shared political messages on personal phones. One of them texting, quote: We text on that phone when we talk about Hillary so it can’t be traced. Then there are text messages that as I said draw in the former president. Strzok and Page going back and forth."

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