Blumenthal Supports Spending Bill: ‘It Is Definitely Bipartisan Progress’

‘I trust Chuck Schumer, I believe he strongly and unequivocally wants to address the DREAMER issue’

BLITZER: "Joining us now, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. A member of the judiciary and armed services committee. Thank you for coming in."
BLUMENTHAL: "Thank you, wolf.
BLITZER: "Do you support this compromise worked out by both the democratic and Republican leaders, the minority leader and majority leader in the Senate?
BLUMENTHAL: "It is definitely bipartisan progress. I would lean toward supporting it because it provides both military and nonmilitary spending. It is very important in providing community health centers and opioid treatment funding and of course, aid for Puerto Rico. But I’m still very concerned that it fails to address the protection of the dreamers.
BLITZER: "The minority leader chuck Schumer says he has a commitment and we heard the majority leader Mitch McConnell say they will take up border security, DACA, the dreamers, all of that immigration-related issues immediately following this.
BLUMENTHAL: "I want to solidify that assurance. We’ve seen assurances before. I want to make sure that promise is going to be iron clad. That we will address the DACA issue to protect the dreamers if mass deportation.
BLITZER: "So you confidence in chuck Schumer when he says he has a deal and he was very praiseworthy of Mitch McConnell and he called him his good friend? You don’t trust these guys?
BLUMENTHAL: "Not only do I trust Chuck Schumer, I believe he strongly and unequivocally wants to address the DREAMER issue. The 30 days, it doesn’t just kick the can down the road and that we have assurances on the timing of taking up the dreamer issue.
BLITZER: "You don’t have much time. When will the vote take place?
BLUMENTHAL: "Almost certainly tomorrow.
BLITZER: "Tomorrow you’ll vote? You’ll to have make up your mind by then. What I hear you say, you’re inclined to vote yea. And then it will go to the house.
BLUMENTHAL: "The house is a world unto itself and Nancy Pelosi very courageously is on the house floor standing for conscience. I have opposed the short-term deals before because I felt they kick the can down the road and fail to address the problem but I will assess this particular agreement.

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