CNN’s Tapper: Trump Presidency Eroding the Lines ‘of Human Decency’

‘Some of the people marching alongside Nazis and the Klan in Charlottesville were very fine people, Trump said’


TAPPER: "There are basic lines of human decency, norms to which society generally agrees and to which we adhere, and we continue to see the Trump presidency eroding these lines. Some of the people marching alongside Nazis and the Klan in Charlottesville were 'very fine people,' Trump said, as he drew a line of moral equivalence between white supremacists and those who protested the white supremacists days after one of those Nazis drove purposefully into a crowd and killed Heather Heyer. Or last fall after U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore was credibly accused by women of having sexually abused them when they were in high school. One of the victims as young as 14. Republicans withdrew their support for Roy Moore except for President Trump who doubled down. To this list of those marching alongside Nazis and those accused of sexually abuse go children, the White House has now added someone accused by two ex-wives of spousal abuse. CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports that White House officials have been generally aware of the accusations that White House staff secretary Rob Porter has beaten his ex-wives."

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