Jordan on Strzok-Page Texts: Obama’s ‘Guarantee There Was No Political Bias Doesn’t Look Too Accurate’

‘After all, this is the same couple who said we need an insurance policy to make sure that the American people don’t elect Donald Trump president’

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FAULKNER: "Is this going to be a problem for the former president Barack Obama?"
JORDAN: "Too early to tell. But I will say this. His guarantee there was no political bias doesn’t look too accurate today. The text messages that Catherine first referenced, understand the timing. The Clinton investigation is closed on July 5th, 2016. Peter Strzok was the key agent who ran that investigation. He interviewed Abedin, Mills, he interviewed Clinton. That investigation is closed July 5th when Director Comey does his big press conference. Later that same month, July 2016, they open the Trump-Russia investigation. And who is the agent who opens that investigation? Peter Strzok. Four and a half weeks later, September 2nd is when we have this text message where Lisa Page texts back to Peter Strzok and says, 'The President of the  United States wants to know everything we’re doing.'" 

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