Heilemann Suggests John Kelly’s Racist When It Comes to Black and Brown People

‘Chief of staff walked into the White House briefing room a few months ago and attacked African-American congresswoman’

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HEILEMANN: "Chief of Staff walked into the White House briefing room a few months ago and attacked an African-American congresswoman and the most recent president of the United States and told a story that proved to be demonstrably false because there was video and audio of it. He said things had taken place down in Florida. I can tell you there are an awful lot of African-Americans who detected racial animus in the way that played out and the Chief of Staff never apologized for that story, which was just not true. It was made up. And so I think there’s a pattern here where on these issues that touch culture and touch race where the Chief of Staff is not that far away from where Donald Trump is on some of these issues."

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