Heilemann: Every Piece of Electoral Data Reinforces that Blue Wave Is Coming

‘You look at Missouri and you say it still looks like a wave is coming’


HEILEMANN: "You look at those Missouri races, it is true that the Republicans held a couple of those seats they were supposed to hold, but those two swings right there are stunning and they would be — they’re stunning on their own, but what they do is reinforce every piece of electoral data that we’ve seen from the off-year elections in Virginia, New Jersey and in Mississippi, every one, it just reinforces the notion that a wave is coming. And there are a lot of pro-Trump Republicans right now who are seeing things like the President’s approval rating ticking up a little bit, the approval of the tax cut going up a little bit and looking at those. The generic ballot narrowing a little bit and trying to comfort themselves with the notion that maybe a wave isn’t coming. You look at Missouri and you say it still looks like a wave is coming.”

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