Scaramucci: Trump Was ‘Clearly Joking’ When He Called Dems ‘Treasonous’

‘You saw my reaction; I was smiling’


SCARAMUCCI: "I clearly thought it was joking. You saw my reaction; I was smiling. I know his personality. You can watch him gesticulating. I think the journalists I talked to, congressmen say the same thing, wait a minute. He is president. She measure his words more and he should be more editorial with his words. That may or may not be true but that’s not President Trump. So what I would say to people is take him for what he is. You know through the style of him what his content clearly is. He was clearly joking there. If we’re going to spend a news cycle on the joke of that word. It is harmful to some people and certainly people in the military. Take it back a step and look at him for the person that he is and don’t take that remark seriously." 

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