Sykes: ‘Trump Has a Challenging Relationship with the Truth, There’s No Such Thing as a Perjury Trap’

‘You just have to not lie, Donald Trump has shown himself incapable of doing this’

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SYKES: “In some ways this is the least surprising story of 2018 so far. The lawyers would almost be guilty of malpractice if, in fact, they would sit Donald Trump down in a room with these investigators for the reasons that Matt mentioned. The one thing we know about Donald Trump is that Donald Trump has a challenging relationship with the truth. There’s no such thing as a perjury trap. You just have to not lie. Donald Trump has shown himself incapable of doing this. So, again, how does this play out? Look, everything the President has been doing and his allies have been doing have led up to this moment. The discrediting, the attempt to delegitimize this prosecution, and now the President is going to stonewall this and the amen chorus is going to say, 'Well, of course, because this is a rigged investigation. There’s no underlying crime.' But obviously this is not going to be the end." 

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