Carol Lee: Trump Is Reshaping the GOP for Short Term Political Gain

‘It’s political short-term benefits’

LEE: “And it’s all — it’s like short — everyone is thinking in the short term. Everything is done on the short term. It’s political short-term benefits. The President thinks that way. You see the Republicans adopting that. The idea that this is not going to have a long-term effect on the party, particularly when it comes to, as 'The Washington Post' wrote over the weekend, this law and order, the party of law and order is now being reshaped by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is reshaping it in a number of different ways. And if you add them all up together, the one common denominator is that it's all for a short-term political gain: How can you win this election? How do you hold on to this majority? But there are going to be very long-term consequences.”

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