Mo Elleithee: Devin Nunes ‘Cherry-picked’ the Information in the GOP FISA Abuse Memo

‘They’re not putting out the supporting information’


ELLEITHEE: "We know that Carter Page, who it — it is unfathomable to me that Republicans want to stake their credibility on — on Carter Page, who was on — on the radar screen of the intelligence community, who himself had previously called himself an advisor to the Kremlin, that — that they had him on their radar screen before. The memo itself says that the entire investigation was not prompted by Carter Page but by George Papadopoulos and his actions. But none of this information is getting out because the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, cherry-picked the information and refuses to release any more information. And despite all of their calls for transparency, they — this could not be less transparent of a — of a memo or of a process. They’re not putting out — allowing the Democrats to respond. They’re not putting out the supporting information."

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