Peter Emerson on Trump: ‘This Is Far Beyond the Saturday Night Massacre Already’

‘[Trump] is intimidating, he’s insulting, he’s bullying people’


WITT: "And Peter, do you think it’s a stretch then to say that it’s a Saturday night massacre that is already happening?" 
EMERSON: "No, I don’t. I served as a senior adviser to a member of the house impeachment committee during the watergate hearings and was in Washington during that entire time. This is far beyond the Saturday night massacre already. We have allegations that the president of the United States and a member of his family worked with Russian either individuals, representatives, or agents to influence the U.S. Election. We’ve been told by U.S. Intelligence agencies time and again the Russians will do this again in 2018, they’re going to do it in 2020. What trump has done in his business dealings, from friends who have worked in New York in his industry, and is now doing in the government, he’s intimidating, he’s insulting, he’s bullying people so that as the “Atlantic monthly” piece points out, he’s creating an environment where people are scared to speak the truth. "

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