Ron DeSantis: ‘Circular Logic’ to Use Yahoo News Article Based on Steele Dossier to Corroborate Dossier

‘That article was based off Christopher Steele leaking to the reporter’


DESANTIS: "How important was the dossier? Well the memo points out that Andrew McCabe in his testimony said that there would not have been an application for surveillance but for the dossier. So whatever percentage of the dossier was based on his testimony, there would not have been surveillance issued if you didn’t have the dossier. Then you look at somebody like Bruce Orr, who is one of the top ranking officials in the Obama Justice Department. His wife is working for Fusion GPS, which, of course, has been funded by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and she’s feeding Orr all this negative research on Trump, unverified research as even James Comey has admitted. And then Orr is taking that and feeding it back to the Obama administration and justice and at FBI. So it’s a confluence of the Democratic Party, the Obama administration, Fusion GPS, the media. Shockingly they used that Yahoo news article from September of 2016 as corroboration for the Steele dossier, but that article was based off Christopher Steele leaking to the reporter. So it’s a circular logic that they’re using there. So I think that there’s a lot of concerns about this."

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