Jennifer Rubin: Trump Will One Day Be on the ‘World’s Dumbest Criminal’ List

‘You know when they show those videos of the criminal being locked in the bank safe, that’s going to be Donald Trump’


MELBER: "Jennifer, do you think that's a true statement? And do you think that the uniting is around undermining the rule of law?"
RUBIN: "Yes to the latter. As to the former, whether they're united, I guess we're going to tell over time whether that breaks apart. Let me just go back to something very briefly, Ari. One of the reasons that the Hope Hicks statement is so important, is if what she is doing is giving an opening for trump to lie to the public, saying you can make up whatever story you want because the real reason that's reflected in those emails is not going to come out. So that's powerful in the context as well as suggesting they might be destroyed. And to the Republicans, to me, what even surprises me after a year of this, these people are now, not just looking the other way, they are facilitating, they are enabling, we have reason to believe that Devin Nunez is perhaps cooperating with the White House in sending this memo into the public. What we know is that the president is telling aides that he is doing it for the express purpose of discrediting the FBI. Why doesn't he just go on the roof and say obstruction of justice? Up instruction of justice. You know when they show those videos of the criminal being locked in the bank safe, that's going to be Donald Trump. He asked not one but three high national security figures if they were on his team. He has crafted a statement that we believe is not representative, is not an accurate account of that June meeting."

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