James Carville Defends Hillary: ‘I Think This Benghazi Thing Is Totally Overblown’

‘We know what happened. This has been investigated’

O'REILLY: "And then you say Hillary Clinton. Look, how many cables do you need to the State Department saying, security in Libya is bad. How many cables do you need to see --" [crosstalk]

CARVILLE: "How many -- there are more investigation, if we know what happened. This is been investigated, and investigated, and it was an admitted --"[crosstalk]

O'REILLY: "But there was a try to stonewall here."

CARVILLE: "Oh, I don't think there's been a stone wall. She talked to the Committee, she talked to the different people. I just [indecipherable] disagree on this issue. I think this Benghazi thing is totally overblown."

O'REILLY: "Look, when Hillary Clinton runs for the president it can be a big issue for her. It really is, and she's gonna have to address it."

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