Reps. Peter King, Mike Rogers Warn of ISIS Social Media Recruiting Campaign

‘The Islamic State has upped their game ... some estimates are as high as 3,400 per month now joining their fight because of their social media recruiting efforts’

KING: "First of all, ISIS will use everything at its disposal and certainly has accelerated the use of social media, and we can see with the increasing number of young people who are joining ISIS, the recruits they are getting. And unfortunately, I think the administration has been very slow in responding not just to ISIS, but to the entire Islamic jihadist movement over the past five or six years."

HEMMER: "Let me get to that in a moment, but let's listen to Mike Rogers, Head of the House Intelligence Committee Chairman about this social media threat and the effect of it  and the impact on the recruiting. Just listen here."

[clip starts]

ROGERS: "The Islamic state has upped their game and used that tool as a way to not only subjugate people to their violent political ends, but to use it as a recruiting tool. Some estimates are as high as 3,400 per month now joining their fight because of their social media recruiting efforts."

[clip ends]

HEMMER: "That is a big number, 3,400 a month. But how do they respond? Are they making plans to fly to Damascus or --? How do you track something like that?"

KING: "State department does respond, they put out answering messages, they have their own Twitter account. They tried to counter what ISIS is saying, but I think they've been confused over the past several years, and even now, as to how much an offense they should go. For instance, there was a long period of time when they did not want to call this a war of ideas, they didn’t want to show any kind of confrontation with the Muslim world. They wanted to show how different they were from the Bush -- from any administration. I think we lost a lot of valuable time in doing that.”

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