Colbert Mocks Trump: If I Clapped After Everything I Said, I’d Look Crazy, Right?

‘One person who thought Donald Trump did a great job was Donald Trump’

COLBERT: "And good news for Trump: According to CNN, 70% percent of the people who watched the speech had either a very positive or somewhat positive reaction. Which seems good, until you learn “It’s the lowest net positive rating for a state of the union address since CNN first asked the question.” Of course,— true. That’s true. , Of course,, you know, it’s an odd sample size. That’s a poll of the people who actually watched the state of the union, so late night talk show hosts and the criminally insane. One person who thought Donald Trump did a great job was Donald Trump, at least judging from all the clapping he did during his own speech. I really, really think they should have turned down his mic during the clapping parts. And during the talking parts. I know he’s a narcissist. I mean, that’s a given. But come on. If I clapped after everything I said, I’d look crazy, right? Yup. This guy gets it. This guy gets it."

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