Isaacson: ‘The Problem with Trump Is He’s Able to Make a Call for Unity Seem Divisive’

‘The problem with Donald Trump is he’s able to make a call for unity seem divisive’


ISAACSON: “He made it clear in the State of the Union and it’s about time I think people start taking yes for an answer. I agree with Richard Haass. This is actually a pretty sensible approach, the four pillars, where the most important thing for people like myself is the moral imperative for these DREAMers, these kids who were brought here when they were very young, who are stuck in the shadows. If you’re actually going to give them a path for citizenship, that to me seems worth saying, 'All right, we’ll do money to secure the border, we’ll do money to beef up immigration and cut out the visa lottery which is not that morally important compared to the DREAMers' path to citizenship. And finally, you know, we’re going to take chain immigration and try to limit it more.' This is a good compromise. The problem with Donald Trump is he’s able to make a call for unity seem divisive. I mean, we should just say, 'Tthis is the outline to the plan. Let’s get on with it.'”

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