Chris Wallace: You Saw Any Good Will Trump Had ‘Evaporate’ When He Talked About Repealing ObamaCare

‘This is a president saying, I’m a conservative, I won, I’m governing as a conservative’

WALLACE: "It was interesting. I thought it was a powerful speech. Well-delivered. There were certainly passages of it. I thought it was too long. Parts were beautiful, particularly at the end when he talked about the monument, the capitol as a symbol of freedom. I thought he made effective use of the guests in the gallery, the couple that lost their daughters to the ms-13 gangs, the couple that adopted the baby who had opioid problems and of course most powerfully at the end, the north Korean defector that held up his crutches that he no longer needs as a symbol of defiance. I’m kinds of agreeing with Juan. I’m surprised at the way the White House sold it. We heard it was going to be a bipartisan speech, a speech that reached out to Democrats, that tried to create unity. There was a moment early on in the speech when he talked about taxes and he said that we repealed the core of the disastrous ObamaCare program and you can feel any of the good will in the room evaporate. Not to say that is right or wrong about ObamaCare — but this is a president saying I’m a conservative, I won, I’m governing as a conservative, I’m governing on taxes, immigration and foreign policy, I did well in 2017 and I’m going to do it again. Theres one area of compromise and that was immigration. Even there, it seemed to me, the god father they talk about making an offer they can’t refuse. Sometimes it seemed like he was making an offer the Democrats couldn’t accept."

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