MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Sgt. Tahmooressi Is a ‘Cause Célèbre in the Conservative Media’

‘We just can’t, like, bust into a Mexican prison and break him out’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Sgt. Tahmooressi’s Holding In Mexico Is a ‘Cause Célèbre In the Conservative Media’ (NewsBusters)

After the major broadcast networks offered no morning or evening news coverage of jailed Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother testifying before Congress on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes concluded his primetime show All

In by discussing the case with retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander and former talk show host Montel Williams (who also testified). In describing the case, Hayes determined that Tahmooressi’s plight has become a “kind of cause célèbre in conservative media” (instead of suggesting that it deserves to be a national one).

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