Lamar Smith: Trump’s ‘Proposing Amnesty for Twice as Many People as President Obama Did’

‘He’s adding citizenship on top of that’


SMITH: "Yes, he is proposing amnesty for twice as many people as President Obama did a couple of years ago, he’s adding citizenship on top of that but the real concerns I have about this is that it does not include e-verify which is a workforce verification system that says employers can only hire legal workers in the United States and that protects jobs for American workers and will also reduce illegal immigration if illegal immigrants can get these jobs. The other flaw is that it has amnesty today, the legal immigration reforms don’t take place until a distant tomorrow, in some cases 17 years from now. You can guess the likelihood of that occurring. Amnesty today, it doesn’t have workforce verification and it’s really an invitation to fraud because they are going to allow a lot of adult illegal immigrants to apply under the DACA program to get amnesty, they may be 30 years old, yeah, we came into the country when we were younger and there’s not going to be any way to confirm that. It is ripe for fraud as well and for those reasons we need to take a look at it and I hope revise it in a number of ways."


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