Mary Anne Marsh: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Living in Donald Trump’s Head Rent-Free’

‘No one has been criticized more by Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton’


MARSH: "Well, I think there are two points here. First of all art is always a reflection of society. Everybody at the Grammys last night, the vast majority of people, women, African-Americans, DREAMers, Latinos, gay, immigrants, go down the list have in some way, shape or form been criticized by Donald Trump. Second, Hillary Clinton is living in Donald Trump’s head rent-free. No one has been criticized more by Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. In fact, 'The New York Times' has two full pages of people, places and things that Donald Trump has criticized on Twitter in his first year in the White House alone. Hillary Clinton’s Clintons segment right here all way down to the followed. So, I think if Donald Trump wants to be treated better, treat other people better. If you don’t want to be criticized, don’t criticize other people."

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