Shannon Pettypiece: Mueller Is Reaching a Conclusion on Obstruction

‘There had been discussion about getting questions in writing, which I don’t think is going to happen’


PETTYPIECE: "And then once we have that interview, if indeed on the obstruction end Mueller is waiting for the President to be interviewed near the very end so he has all his information before he talks to the President, then it could just be another few weeks until Mueller actually comes together and writes up his report on the obstruction end of this piece. So, really I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the timeline here, but we really could be looking at having this obstruction end wrapped up in February or March timeline. Now, we reported last week that that is still only one end of Mueller’s investigation, obstruction. There are still other pieces of this investigation that will go on. But it does look like he is nearing reaching some conclusion on obstruction. And I’ll just throw in, to get to the Rosenstein point, Rosenstein is a lot more important than people realize here because it is very possible that Rosenstein will be the one who determines how the information that Mueller reaches is conveyed if it is sent to Congress, if it is released public, if there are charges. A lot of this is going to end up in Rosenstein’s lap.”

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