Wes Moore Pans Trump’s Davos Speech: People Wanted to Hear Empathy from Him

‘I do understand about making the chamber of commerce speech and making it exciting for people to invest in the country’

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MOORE: "I think the thing that people really wanted to hear and people want to hear from the President, from the commander in chief is the level of empathy about the fact that we know we’re not there yet. We know what we have to focus on. We know the fact that when we're watching this rising trend of the working poor, we know that when we have the 40 million people in this country who are living in poverty, 20 million are children, we know when we have a deadline coming up we’re about to watch millions of children lose their health insurance. We are not where we need to be. So to talk about how well things are going, and I do understand about making the Chamber of Commerce speech and making it exciting for people to invest in the country, it's important for people inside the country who have not felt that level of growth to know they are not forgotten."

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