Matt Bevin: Pelosi’s Comments Are ‘Insulting to the People of Kentucky’ and Working People of America

‘It creates opportunity for people who need help and not simply to be patronized’


BEVIN: "It’s interesting. When I listen to the comment made at the entry way by Nancy Pelosi it was the exact of audio embodiment of the comment on the soft bigotry of low expectations. I find representative Pelosi’s comments to be insulting to the people of Kentucky and work people of America. It’s not just the work of volunteering, it can be through education and through specific job training, it could be through taking care of someone in the neighborhood or in the family even that needs help. In no way, shame or form will chip away at those eligible for Medicaid. It creates opportunity for people who need help and not simply to be patronized. People don’t want to be treated like that by the government and I’m excite to show what dignity looks like extended to those who need help."

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