MSNBC’s Velshi in Davos: ‘It Was Like a Rock Star Welcome’ for Trump

‘He’s getting a big reception’

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VELSHI: "But if you saw what happened when the President came in, people had their phones, they were taking pictures, sort of looked like a rock concert, frankly. That is not to say that it was a warm welcome. It was like a rock star welcome in that, ‘Wow, everybody wanted to see Donald Trump.’ If he comes out this way, it’ll be the same thing. The crowds around Donald Trump are really big. Stephanie, you’ve been here and you know there are world leaders and sometimes they have a small entourage around them and people take pictures. It is totally different with Donald Trump. There were hundreds and hundreds of people around the President as he came in. He’s getting a big reception. Don’t know how warm it is, but it is a big reception. And he’s going to try and cut some deals. We’ll follow it very closely throughout the course of the day.”

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