Trump on Speaking to Mueller Under Oath: ‘I’m Looking Forward to It’

‘I would do it and you know [Hillary] didn’t do it under oath’

REPORTER ONE: "Have you --"
REPORTER TWO: "Are you going to talk to Mueller?
TRUMP: "I'm looking forward to it, actually.
REPORTER: "You want to? Do you have a date set?
TRUMP: "There's be no collusion whatsoever. No obstruction whatsoever and I'm looking forward to it. With what's happening if you take a look at you know, the five months worth of missing texts. That's a lot of missing texts. And as I said yesterday, that's prime time. So you do sort of look at that and say what's going on. You do look at certain texes talking about insurance policies. Kinds of things they're saying and be concerned, but I would love to do that and as soon as possible."
REPORTER ONE: "Do you have a date set?
TRUMP: "So here's the story.
REPORTER: "Do you have a date set?
TRUMP: "No, I think talking about two or three weeks. But I would love to do it.
REPORTER: "Under oath, Mr. President?
TRUMP: "You mean like Hillary did it under oath? You say a lot. Did hilly do it under oath?
REPORTER: "I have no idea.
TRUMP: "I think you have an idea. Don't you have an idea? Wait, do you not have an idea? Do you really not have an idea. I'll give you an idea. She didn't do it under oath. But I would do it and you know she didn't do it under oath. If you didn't know about Hillary --"

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