Ingraham: Dems Want ‘Repeal and Replace’ Blue-Collar Trump Voters with Immigrants Who Will Vote for Them

‘The president has got to hold firm, and I think he will’


INGRAHAM: "As for Democrats, they just want to repeal and replace those blue-collar Americans who voted for Trump with new immigrants who vote for Democrats. The President has got to hold firm, and I think he will. No chain migration. No visa lottery. Real funding for the wall, not just authorization, but appropriations. And then, I guess maybe do the DACA thing. You have all the leverage. Don’t give it to the politicians, Mr. President, who don’t respect you or your supporters. By the way, there are some more evidence that Trump is more in the mainstream on immigration than Lindsey or Chuck will ever be. Check out this new Harvard-Harris poll that just came out that tells us a really good tale. 65 percent versus 35 percent support a DACA deal the ends chain migration, eliminates the visa lottery, and secures the border with a wall. 68 percent of respondents oppose the visa lottery. 81 percent want to see illegal immigration level slashed. You’ve heard it, slashed." 

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